The Rise of the Ice Bag ...

The Rise of the Ice Bag ...

by on April 19, 2017

You’ve probably already seen them around however, if not, you won’t be able to miss them this summer!

Ice bags are taking the hospitality industry by storm, providing a sophisticated, portable, cost effective and unique solution to keeping wine and champagne cool during summer events, festivals and parties.

In some cases, a traditional wine bucket just doesn’t cut the mustard! They can be heavy, bulky and awkward to carry around if you want to mingle or there’s nowhere to sit down. Moreover, they can take up far too much space behind the bar.

Ice bags allow you to be sociable and mobile without worrying about someone stealing your champagne. They also fold like a gift bag allowing for easy storage.

So, you can see why pubs, bars, events organisers, festival, race courses, wedding planners and more are getting on the ‘ice bag bandwagon’. They’re also becoming popular with people hosting garden parties and picnics.

The wine bags may look delicate but they’re completely watertight and strong enough to hold a bottle of wine or champagne along with a scoop of ice and some water.

Here at Noble Express Catering Supplies, we sell champagne bags in clear, frosted and blue, and in packs of 6 or as singles. Give them a try!  … There’s a reason why they’re suddenly so popular.