Inventive Cocktail Serving Suggestions

Inventive Cocktail Serving Suggestions

by on April 28, 2017

What makes a customer come to your bar for cocktails instead of the venue next door?

With so many bars, pubs and restaurants now serving cocktails, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. But one way you can really differentiate your cocktails is by getting creative about how you serve them.

While your mojito may taste the same as your neighbour’s, serving yours in a more inventive way will really get you noticed.

Cocktail Mugs

Who says mugs are just for hot drinks?! Shake things up a bit and use your mugs for cocktails. The enamel camping-style mug is a favourite in cocktail bars across the country. However, if this is a step too far, why not try a multifunctional glass mug for the best of both worlds?

Cocktail Bottles

Mini milk bottles have been used as an inventive glass for milkshakes for a while. However, why not use them for cocktails? Whether, they’re ceramic or glass, just add a quirky straw or some edible decoration to the top for an extra flourish. Swing bottles and juice bottles would also do the trick.

Alchemist Cocktail Glasses

Bring a taste of the science lab to your bar with conical flasks and mixing beakers. Add some colourful liquids and maybe even some dry ice for a really dramatic effect! This will really get your customers talking.

Tiki Cocktail Glasses

Tiki Bars are taking the world by storm, but you don’t need to run a tiki bar to use tiki cocktail glasses! Inspired by Hawaii, tiki glasses are a great fit for any drinks with rum – a mai tai or banana daiquiri to name a couple. Our striped straws are a perfect accompaniment.

Cocktail Jars

Ever thought about serving your cocktails in jars? Yes, we’re all aware that drinking jars are all the rage now however, what about a preserving jar? Not only will your long cocktails look great, you can use the jars for storage (or preserving!) when you decide to move onto something different.   

Metallic Cocktail Glasses

Metallic cocktail glasses and mugs are industrial yet sophisticated and add a touch of glamour to any bar! Our copper Moscow mule mugs and stainless steel martini glasses are a hit with any venue looking for a bit of bling.

Surprise your customers this summer. Get your thinking cap on and challenge the conventional!