Do I need to use toughened glasses?

Do I need to use toughened glasses?

by on May 19, 2017

Unfortunately, there are thousands of glass attacks in bars, pubs and clubs across the UK each year. This highlights the need for the hospitality industry to look for glassware that provides the least risk to customers upon breakage.

Plastic and polycarbonate glasses are an ideal solution for some venues, however evidence shows that some customers prefer the look and feel of a real glass. The type of glassware that bars, pubs and clubs use can really affect a customer’s drinking experience and the reputation of the venue.

Fully toughened glass (or tempered glass) provides an ideal solution to the problem.

A fully toughened glass is strengthened across its entire body making it more resistant to impact damage. When it does eventually break, it will break into very small granular pieces instead of large shards. These small pieces cannot be used to inflict serious injuries.

This type of glass is also used for car windows and shower screens etc.

If your venue has ever experienced any type of glass-related violence, we would recommend that you chose fully toughened glassware (if plastic or polycarbonate does not work for your bar, pub or club).

Some venues are obliged to use ‘safe’ glassware under their license and should use fully toughened, plastic or polycarbonate glassware for all their front of house glasses.  

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