Caring for Terracotta Tableware and Cookware

Caring for Terracotta Tableware and Cookware

by on June 5, 2017

Terracotta tableware and cookware are synonymous with the Mediterranean, painting a picture of sunshine, warmth, alfresco dining, tapas, beer and good wine. That’s why so many bars, restaurants, pubs and cafes in the UK opt to use terracotta crockery and ‘oven to tableware’ – particularly in the summer months.

Terracotta also maintains its popularity, due to the health benefits of its cookware as there is no need to add much additional liquid or fat to dishes. It is also ideal for slow cooking as it allows for easy distribution of heat throughout the pot and it retains heat well which is why it is the perfect solution for ‘oven to tableware’.

Here at Noble Express Catering Supplies. We stock a wide range of terracotta – both in traditional orange and in a number of other, more contemporary, finishes.

As with all materials, terracotta requires the correct care and attention if it is to withstand the stresses of the hospitality industry.

Here are a few tips on caring for your terracotta tableware and cookware:

  1. Ensure you wash your terracotta products in warm water before using them for the first time. Due to the nature of the manufacture of the product, they can sometimes appear a little dusty.
  2. Terracotta cookware should always be placed in a cool oven and allowed to heat up slowly when the oven is switched on. This helps to avoid any fractures due to a sudden temperature change. (Please be aware that you will have to add on some cooking time to accommodate for the time taken for the oven to heat up.)
  3. When removing terracotta cookware from the oven, never place onto a cold surface as this may cause it to crack.
  4. Never put a hot terracotta pot directly into cold water.
  5. Always hand wash your terracotta tableware and cookware (it is not suitable to be put in a dishwasher).
  6. Terracotta is microwave, oven and freezer safe.
  7. The material is naturally fragile so should always be handled with care to avoid damage.
  8. Unglazed terracotta must be soaked in water for at least 15 minutes before each use. The water that has been absorbed will then gradually evaporate from the terracotta during cooking.
  9. Unglazed terracotta is porous and can absorb the flavours of food. Cleaning unglazed pots with a paste of baking soda and water will help to eliminate odours.